Metered Access for News from Science

Updated: 15 January 2019

Every day the news staff of Science and our contributing freelancers bring you breaking news and analysis from the world of research and science policy, as well as multimedia and brief articles that point you to the best science stories on the web. Starting June 2018, we will be asking frequent readers of News content to register or subscribe for access. The launch of our metered paywall comes after a nearly year-long evaluation of readers’ responses to metered access. The new metered paywall will only apply to News from Science content posted on our daily news site. Content appearing in the print version of Science and on the journal’s website will continue to be available only to AAAS members, Science subscribers, and patrons of an active site license subscription. 

When readers of News from Science content exceed their free article limit read over the course of a month, they will be asked to register or subscribe for unlimited news access. Those who already have a subscription to News from Science can simply log in. AAAS members can simply login with their AAAS membership to continue reading; access to News from Science is included in AAAS membership.

Please note that by registering or subscribing to News from Science you have the option to be added to Science/AAAS internal lists and may receive marketing about membership and subscription offers. Unless readers offer permission to do so, we will not be sharing contact information with our external marketing partners.

AAAS members who sign in will have unhindered access to unlimited News from Science content. Learn more about membership here.

Common questions and accompanying answers about the metered paywall can be seen here.